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The ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (JCISE) publishes articles related to Algorithms, Computational Methods, Computing Infrastructure, Computer-Interpretable Representations, Human-Computer Interfaces, Information Science, and/or System Architectures that aim to improve some aspect of product and system lifecycle (e.g., design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, disposal, recycling etc.). Applications considered in JCISE manuscripts should be relevant to the mechanical engineering discipline. Papers can be focused on fundamental research leading to new methods, or adaptation of existing methods for new applications.

Please go to the ASME Journals Digital Submission Site and follow the instructions for submitting a work for publication.

At the initial submission (or during revision), authors may include a YouTube URL link to a supporting video as a footnote in their manuscript.

After a manuscript has been accepted, supporting YouTube video links may also be submitted through Journal Tool. Supporting video links submitted through Journal Tool will be reviewed by a designated video editor and if approved, will be included on JCISE’s You Tube Channel and Issue playlist.

For video requirements and editing guidelines please follow ASME’s Supporting Video Guidelines

JCISE’s Editorial Board works hard to procure 2-3 quality reviews for each submitted manuscript. The participation of our community of authors is especially important to maintain JCISE’s high quality review process. We do hope you will accept reviewer invitations when you receive them.  

To be added to JCISE’s reviewer database please contact us with a message including your full name, email address, affiliation, and areas of expertise.


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