Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering

2021 Reviewer Awards

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The Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering is please to announce the following three reviewers have been selected to receive the 2021 Reviewers of the Year Award. 

Akhil Garg – Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Dehao Liu – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Alejandro Salado – University of Arizona, USA

The Reviewers of the Year Award is given to reviewers who have made an outstanding contribution to the journal in terms of the quantity, quality, and turnaround time of reviews completed during the past year. The selection was made based on the nominations from JCISE Associate Editors, the number of papers reviewed, response time, and quality of the reviews.

The prize includes a wall plaque, 50 free downloads from the ASME Digital Collection, and a one-year free subscription to the journal.


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