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Most Accessed Articles in 2022

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The Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (JCISE) is pleased to share a list of the top 20 most accessed (downloaded and viewed) JCISE articles in 2022

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Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering: Top 20 Accessed Articles in 2022
Paper DOI Paper Title Authors Year Vol. Issue A Review of the Capabilities of Current Low-Cost Virtual Reality Technology and Its Potential to Enhance the Design Process Joshua Q. Coburn, Iab Freeman, John L. Salmon 2017 17 3 An Open Source Framework for Integrated Additive Manufacturing and Level-Set-Based Topology Optimization Panagiotis Vogiatzis, Shikui Chen, Chi Zhou 2017 17 4 Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Bearings Using Ensemble Learning: The Impact of Diversity in Base Learners and Features Junchuan Shi, Tianyu Yu, Kai Goebel, Dazhong Wu 2020 21 2 sMF-BO-2CoGP: A Sequential Multi-Fidelity Constrained Bayesian Optimization Framework for Design Applications Anh Tran, Tim Wildey, Scott McCann 2020 20 3 Application of Feature-Learning Methods Toward Product Usage Context Identification and Comfort Prediction Dipanjan Ghosh, Andrew Olewnik, Kemper Lewis 2017 18 1 A Reverse Compensation Framework for Shape Deformation Control in Additive Manufacturing Kai Xu, Tsz-Ho Kwok, Zhengcai Zhao, Yong Chen 2017 17 2 A Generative Approach for Scheduling Multi-Robot Cooperative Three-Dimensional Printing Laxmi Poudel, Wenchao Zhou, Zhengui Sha 2020 20 6 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Procedural Content Generation of 3D Virtual Environments Christian E. López, James Cunningham, Omar Asshour, Conrad S. Tucker 2020 20 5 A Zero Trust Hybrid Security and Safety Risk Analysis Method Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, Douglas L. Van Bossuyt, Joonas Linnosmaa, Britta Hale, Bryan O’Halloran 2021 21 5 An Industry Case Study: Investigating Early Design Decision Making in Virtual Reality Leif P. Berg, Judy M. Vance 2016 17 1 Smart Vaccine Manufacturing Using Novel Biotechnology Platforms: A Study During COVID-19 Vishnu Kumar, Vijay Srinivasan, Soundar Kumara 2022 22 4 A Knowledge-Based Method for Innovative Design for Additive Manufacturing Supported by Modular Ontologies Thomas J. Hagedorn, Sundar Krishnamurty, Ian R. Grosse 2018 18 2 Design of Hybrid Cells to Facilitate Safe and Efficient Human–Robot Collaboration During Assembly Operations Krishnanand N. Kaipa, Carlos W. Morato, Satyandra K. Gupta 2018 18 3 Design of Complex Engineered Systems Using Multi-Agent Coordination Nicolás F. Soria Zurita, Mitchell K. Colby, Irem Y. Tumer, Christopher Hoyle, Kagan Tumer 2017 18 1 A Task-Driven Approach to Unified Synthesis of Planar Four-Bar Linkages Using Algebraic Fitting of a Pencil of G-Manifolds Q. J. Ge, Anurag Purwar, Ping Zhao, Shrinath Deshpande 2017 17 3 Design of a Linkage System to Write in Cursive Yang Liu, J. Michael McCarthy 2017 17 3 Evolution of Sliding Contact Wear Between Deformable Conducting Bodies via a Multiphysics Framework John G. Michopoulos, Athanasios P. Iliopoulos, Nicole A. Apertre, John C. Steuben, Andrew J. Birnbaum 2020 20 5 Automated Procedure Reconfiguration Framework for Augmented Reality-Guided Maintenance Applications Crystal Young, Rahul Rai 2021 21 6 Integrating Materials Model-Based Definitions into Design, Manufacturing, and Sustainment: A Digital Twin Demonstration of Incorporating Residual Stre Saikiran Gopalakrishnan, Nathan W. Hartman, Michael D. Sangid 2020 21 2 An Extended Bayesian Optimization Approach to Decentralized Swarm Robotic Search Payam Ghassemi, Souma Chowdhury 2020 20 5


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